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Brushing up your brain with the brain teasers every now and then is a great thing but have you ever yearned to find all the Popular Puzzles and Riddles at one place? To all such cravings, GPuzzles.Com has collected all those Popular Puzzles and Riddles that you hear people asking at a single place. The section is regularly updates so that we don't miss any of them. So even if you have read and learned all of them by heart, do keep visiting to find more every time you do.
Popular Puzzles And Riddless #1 - Solve Magic Square Riddle
Difficulty Level Popularity Quotient
You have to place all the digits from 1 to 9 without repeating any number in a tic tac toe board. The condition is that the numbers should add up to 15 whether you add the numbers in each row, column or diagonally.

Can you do it?

Popular Puzzles And Riddless #2 - Popular Mind Question For Whatsapp
Difficulty Level Popularity Quotient
A man came back to his home after being away from her wife for a year. He surprised her by his visit and kissed her as she stood shocked. After that, he took this picture of hers to mark a memory.

After a few days, the man killed his wife. When the police arrived and asked for the reason, he told them that his wife was cheating on him. He gave this photograph as the proof.

What do you think he found in this picture that made him believe that his wife was cheating on him?

Can you find out?

Popular Puzzles And Riddless #3 - Matchsticks Picture Brain Teaser
Difficulty Level Popularity Quotient
In the figure given below, you can see that there are five squares. Supposedly if this figure is formed using different matchsticks (refer the slight gap between matchsticks), can you remove just two matchsticks so that only two squares remain ?

Popular Puzzles And Riddless #4 - Tricky But Simple Maths Equation
Difficulty Level Popularity Quotient
2^987 - 2^986

Popular Puzzles And Riddless #5 - Picture Star Riddle
Difficulty Level Popularity Quotient
This is a puzzle that will keep you thinking for some time. You can see nine stars in the attached picture. Your task is simple. You have to connect all of them using just four lines. Here is the catch, you have to do it in a continuous flow which means you cant lift your hand or that every next line must begin where the first one ended.

How will you do it?

Popular Puzzles And Riddless #6 - Popular Deductive Logic Problem
Difficulty Level Popularity Quotient
Eight Brothers lives in an old house where there is no electricity and no computers or any any other gadget.

Brother-1: Reading Comics
Brother-2: Playing Chess
Brother-3: Writing
Brother-4: making food for the family
Brother-5: sleeping and snoring
Brother-6: cleaning house
Brother-7: watering the plants

what is Brother-8 doing ?

Popular Puzzles And Riddless #7 - Best Rotating Wheel Picture Puzzle
Difficulty Level Popularity Quotient
One or Two ?

Note: The gears in contact will be going to rotate in the opposite direction.

Popular Puzzles And Riddless #8 - Classic Barber Brain Teaser
Difficulty Level Popularity Quotient
There are two barber shop in a small town – one located in the eastern market and the other on the northern market. The shop in the eastern market is quite untidy and the barber has a shabby haircut. While the shop in the northern market is quite neat and clean and the barber is sporting an excellent haircut himself.

Which of the two shops will any foreign visitor opt for?

Popular Puzzles And Riddless #9 - Best Picture Brain Teaser
Difficulty Level Popularity Quotient
Seeing the picture, can you identify in which direction is it going - left or right?

Keep in mind that the bus is moving in UK

Popular Puzzles And Riddless #10 - Impossible Brain Teaser
Difficulty Level Popularity Quotient
In a recreational activity, you are given four different jars of 2 liters, 4 liters, 6 liters and 8 liters respectively with an unlimited water supply. Then you are asked to measure exactly 5 liters of water using them.

How will you do it?